About Us

About Us


OCP Academy (A Unit of OCP Foundation) is an Education Technology Platform. Based in India. We are an online learning platform, designed for learners to learn through practice and get acquainted with industry-based skills

To create a learning ecosystem, which enables employability
To democratize industry-based skills for everyone

OCP Academy work by a set of core values designed to set us on the best path to achieve our mission of democratizing industry-based skills for everyone.

DMAP- OCP Academy

Today we all are witnessing the generation that thrives for learning, who weigh their skills in-between time and money. We as OCP Academy, are being catalysts in the youth’s career, in the journey of being industry fit.

OCP Academy holds all the vital factors to bridge the gap between learners and industry

Learn Real Employable Skills

OCP Academy holds all the vital factors to bridge the gap between learners and industry. Learning high impact industrial skills would increase your chance to attract top companies

Project-Based, Active Learning

Learning by doing with real-world projects and hands-on exercises crafted by industry experts leads to real skills mastery.

100% Live Learning 

Live learning, helps learners with full mentor support and guidance towards the emerging topics. We also cover experience story-telling, case discussions, and tips & tricks.

Two-Way Learning

We believe in giving students the space to learn with mentor support right at their fingertips, with two-way interaction.

Practice on Simulations

Practice makes you perfect, rigorous practice after learning would sharpen your skills and easy way of learning.

Be Competition ready

Get acquainted with facing real challenges where reputed companies monitor your performance and offer you, your dream job.

One-on-One Mentor Sessions

Learning is never easy until and unless you get your doubts solved. We have industry experts coach to solve your doubt at real time.

Develop your soft skills

We focus on developing soft skills to make learners ready for their dream job with resume-making, Linkedin optimization, cover letter writing, and enhancing interview preparation.

OCP Academy Ecosystem

Online Learning Platform – Beyond MOOCs

A platform that provides rigorous learning, personal mentorship, personalized learning paths, access to a community for peer-to-peer learning, and all of this at one’s own pace.

Skill-Based Courses, Crafted By Industrial Experts

  • The courses are well crafted by industry experts from the executive level who all focused on nourishing learners’ skills to make them industry fit.

Outcome-Based Learning – Industry Ready

Assignments, quizzes, projects, and simulations carried with a practical learning approach. OCP Academy brings a new era of learning by practicing skills.

Institutional Partnership – Delivering Excellence

UGC curriculum pattern offered with industrial exposure prepares the course as a perfect model for learning to be industrial ready.

Out Motto Learning Today Leading Tomorrow


100% of the lectures will be live conducted by faculty


Case Studies, Assignments, Webinars, Live Projects


Provide learners with simulator-based training and practice


Instructiveness, & innovation in internships collaborating


Improve their presentation, interview skills & boost personality


Top placements who passed all five previous pedagogy tests


Learn from the leading experts in Google's tensorflow project.


Learn from the leading experts in Google's tensorflow project.


Learn from the leading experts in Facebook's Torch and Pytorch.


Learn from the leading experts in Python project & Google cloud.


Learn from the leading experts in Python project & Google cloud.


Learn from the leading experts in Python project & Google cloud.

Real-world Projects from Industry Experts

With real-world projects and immersive content built in partnership with industry professionals, learners will master the industry skill that companies lookout.

Flexible Learning Program

Get help in developing your own custom learning plan tailored to fit your busy life. Learning at your own pace and reaching target goals on the schedule that fits your life.

Mentor Support

Our Industry expert mentors guide learners and are dedicated to clearing doubts. Mentoring sessions to motivate and keep the learners on track.

Career Services

After learning get access to resume support, portfolio making and LinkedIn profile optimization which will help you to advance your career and showcase your skills.

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